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SpectR, The remote control for Phantom cameras



An innovative communications system which allows for remote control of all Phantom digital cameras, including Flex, HD Gold, Miro series,  V series and of course the Phantom Flex 4K.


SpectR System consists in 2 key Elements :

- The iCU-Intelligent Control Unit, smart and modular device that gives you full control at a glance to use your Phantom camera remotely at long range, with the help of a simple and intuitive interface on a 4.5'' touchscreen display or using it with joysticks.

- The iBOB-Intelligent Breakout Box, the “network” device between iCU and the phantom camera that manages external sensors, devices and lens motors among other functionalities.



User-friendly, intuitive, ergonomic, flexible, evolutive, customizable, wireless or not, remote control up to a distance of 1km.



From the expert to the complete beginner. Designed from the perspective of the end-user, it allows the user to operate Phantom cameras remotely in a simple, intuitive and ergonomic way. Objective ? To make the cameras accessible to everyone giving complete independence and control.



SpectR boosts possibilities for embedded camera shots, drone helicopter image-recording, and for multiple uses in the media industry (eg. television broadcasting, extreme sports, wildlife documentaries, digital cinema, advertisements and 3D) as well as responding to industrial, military and scientific needs.


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